Brandon Hale

Brandon Hale is the founder, frontman/lead singer, rhythm guitarist, and songwriter of Montana's own Outlaw Country band "The Dirty Shame". Brandon started the band in 2006, and after performing over 1500 live performances, it's still going strong today. The Shame has been blessed with various talented musicians that have backed up Hale, adding their own distinct sound and style that gave Hale's original songs the lifeforce they needed, and in the end creating the bands unique sound. 

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My Story

Growing up in Seattle WA. Brandon was exposed to all kinds of music, Brandon Hale is a 5th generation Montanan, having roots in small rural Montana towns from Nashua to the Yaak, Glasgow to Libby, and currently in Bozeman MT for the last 22 years.  Tom Day, a member in Brandon's band "The Dirty Shame" describes Hale as “a combination of an ideas man and an action man.” Brandon was  brought up with his older brother and sister, Michael and Kristen all raised by Mother, Sandy McNulty who took on the role of single mom, with grace, dignity, passion, perseverance, and a lot of love. "We didn't have much money, but we had a ton of love", says Hale. Loving music from a young age, Brandon picked up the guitar at age 13, after seeing his first live concert "Gordon Lightfoot". "It seemed like I was the youngest person in the crowd by 20 years, also people were  giving me funny looks, cause i was singing along and i knew every word to every song," says Hale. Gordon was a huge inspiration to me. A few months later Brandon saw Neil Young live and that's when he picked up a Neil Young Anthology songbook and started to learn about chords. "my brother gave me his old Washburn acoustic guitar, and I slowly learned the basic open chords and tried to sing along to Neil's songs". As Brandon practiced more and more, his love and passion for playing music grew. Years later Brandon



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