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 The band was the brainchild of Brandon Hale who brought it to life in 2006. He had been conceptualizing and practicing material for almost a year before he started recruiting members. Hale had jammed around with other musicians and their bands over the years prior to 2006 but never played a public show with any of them. This would be the first band ever that Hale would perform publically with. The band started as "The Dirty Shame" and remained that until 2021 when Hale changed it to "Brandon Hale and the Dirty Shame"  re-forming the band with a rotating cast of talented local musicians. Below is a list of payers and dates they were in the band, some off and on that still play, some for a night or two.

However long or short of time you played with the band, I would sincerely like to thank you for sharing your talent, hard work, and passion with the audiences we performed for, and making me sound a hell of a lot better!
Brandon Hale

I will do my best to list all who have played with the band and the correct dates or years, if I have left anyone out I apologize in advance, please feel free to email me with anything that is incorrect or missing. Also, I do not have pics of everyone, so some players just have a text listing.
Brandon Hale

BRANDON HALE-(Lead Singer, Rhythm Guitar)-The founder and frontman of "Brandon Hale and the Dirty Shame", Hale remains the sole permanent member of the band.
 2006-Present (FULL-TIME MEMBER)
Michael Hoffman-(Bass - stand-up, electric)- Mike was the first band member Hale brought on. Hale and Hoffman were neighbors while attending Montana State University. Being more familiar with the local music scene, Hoffman was integral in helping Hale find musicians who would be the right fit for the band.
 2006-2015 (FULLTIME MEMBER)
Dan Ruggles-(Drums)- Dan played a few shows at the very beginning as we searched for a full-time player. Not sure how many shows he played with us, 4 or 5 maybe, but he played one of the first we did at The Filling Station.
Preston tate white-(Drums & Keys)- Preston filled in numerous times over the years. In our first few months he played drums for us, years later he would sit in and play honky tonk keys for us. He also produced, recorded, and mixed one of our originals that we released as a single "South City Sidewalk"
Rick white-(Lead Guitar) - Rick was our first FT lead guitarist. He helped with some conceptualizing of the band, as well as the arrangement of the cover songs we performed and the few originals we had in the first year. Rick passed away in 2020. RIP buddy!
 2006-2007(full-time member)
Dean wakerlin-(drums, backup vocals) - Dean was our first full-time drummer. I saw Dean play at a Party I promoted and hired the reggae band he was in to play it. I liked his style and energy although he did not play country I felt he could add a unique sound that could give our band an original and different feel than other country bands out there. He also added great backup vocals that rounded out our vocals.
 2007-2012 & 2021-2022 (full-time member)
Tom day-(pedal steel, bass, lead guitar) - 
 2008-2015 & 2018-present (full-time member)
Dan bradner-( lead guitar, back-up vocals) - Dan joined up and really changed the sound of the band giving it much more of a gritty, rock sound stemming from Dan's background as a rock/blues lead guitarist. Having influences like Metalica, Pearl Jam, to Bruce Springsteen, and Jimi Hendrix, Dan gave the band some balls, and really shaped our original sound.
 2008-2015 & 2018-present (full-time member)
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