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History of The Dirty shame

this page tells the full story of the band:

PART 1: not even a glimmer in anyones eye

PART 2: strip club, open mic with Tex Tucker, and vomit

PART 3: Steady Betty

PART 4: self-titled dissappointment

PART 4: self-titled dissappointment

PART 1: Not even a glimmer in Anyones eye

Before The Dirty Shame "band" was even a thought in Brandon Hale's mind it was a wild, rough infamous bar in the remote NW corner of Montana known as the Yaak. Hale grew up in Seattle, WA raised by his mother (Sandy McNulty) who was from a tiny town in rural eastern Montana (Nashua, MT -  pop. 302).  Sandy worked hard to provide for 3 children, which left the kids to entertain themselves, and Brandon used his imagination to pass the time. Drawing, painting, and even special effects make up were hobbies Hale had a passion for. With his mothers family still living in Montana, holiday's and summer  drives to Montana were always looked forward to. The Yaak was Hale's favorite. Sandy's father Don McNulty owned and operated a small saloon located right on the Yaak river 

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