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Brandon Hale - Voice Over Artist-Bozeman, MT

Brandon is available for hire as a Voice over actor in Bozeman, MT

Brandon has been voice over artist for the last 15 years, his deep, strong, smooth low register commands attention. Brandon can read copy accurately, and provide the production various vocal pacings, and  create a humorous feel to dramatic, all the way to outright haunting. Need a political ad with a serious tone, or a cartoon with a singing cowboy, or a narration over a trailer for the most frightening horror movie, Brandon is your man! Directors that have worked with Brandon have said :He just got it, wasted no time, and we didn't have to do take after take to get it right, he just delivered". Brandon has worked on political ads for TV, corporate videos, radio programs, product ads, film, and documentaries.  He has recorded the intros on the acclaimed live radio show "LIve From the Divide"

  If you have a project that needs a strong  male voice over or character, please email Brandon your script or give him a call for him to give you a quote. Brandon also will be happy to record a portion of your script before you commission him to reassure you that he has the right voice for the job in hand!

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Regional Political ad - Narrator: Brandon Hale

CVA 30 sec TV ad
2021 Big Sky PBR - 10 Year Pump Up Video
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