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Interested in joining "The Dirty Shame"?


  • Must have experience performing live as well as experience playing our genre (Outlaw Country) and be familiar with the artists we cover.

  • Must be able to travel outside of Bozeman and able to be gone for a few days in a row. Most gigs year-round are within a 100-mile radius of Bozeman, and at those shows, we do not usually stay the night. About once a month on average, we will do a travel gig e.g. Jackson, WY, Whitefish, MT, Sun Valley, ID. Busy season we travel much more, around twice a month for 2-3 days, sometimes longer.       A flexible schedule is a MUSTMy one-year goal is to tour nationally with help from a management co. or label or however we achieve that goal.

  • Must be available to attend band practice when scheduled. I try to do a 2-3 hr practice once a week on a day and time that works for all as long as we are not super busy gigging.

  • NO DRAMA! If you are having a problem or mad about something or someone,  bring it up to the group or me the manager (Brandon Hale) and I'll make sure we can work it out.  Seems most of the time the conflicts are just miscommunications.

  • Must be SUBSTANCE MATURE!! A few beers while playing, FINE / falling off stage NOT!  Some greens to get in the mood, FINE / forgetting that you are on stage playing an instrument NOT! Look you do what you need to do, but if it affects your playing or attitude, or overall demeanor then it's the highway!

  • Must help load in and out. Not just your gear, but help til the stage is set up or cleared. Also, help with sound set-up, lights, and wrapping cables, even if you don't use PA or it's not your gear. Don't be afraid to ask if ya don't know what to do!

  • If you cannot play without being super loud and cranking your gear to 11, this is probably not the band for you.

  • This band is not a democracy. We work as a team, and it is important to be open to advice, ideas, and constructive criticism; this applies to me as well. (not saying it's always easy and I haven't got butt hurt or had to swallow my pride sometimes) but my intention always is what's good for the band, clients, fans, and the performance. If you cannot take instruction or constructive criticism DON'T Bother! If you are a person who gets pissed if you are asked to turn down your amp or vocals, this may not be the band for you.  Every musician who has played in the Shame has been a better musician than I am, and I value every opinion and am open to learning and hearing suggestions. But in the end, my word is final.

  • The band ("the Dirty Shame" or "band": refers to you, my backup musicians, {drummer, lead guitarist, bassist, etc}, not me, as I am trying to rebrand as Brandon Hale and the Dirty Shame. FYI) again, The band's pay is equal for each member (unless otherwise arranged by me e.g. I asked a member to go hang posters around town and he/she got an extra $20 for gas from the total.) When the band member has been contacted regarding their availability I inform them of the payment they will receive for that particular gig. My pay is different here is why: I have overhead such as website, posters, bookkeeping, and marketing e.g. I also take a percentage for my extra work that is outside of communal work we all do like: (setting up, loading in/out, band practice, band meetings, etc) or individual work or costs like : (your own instrument needs, the practice of your parts, getting to gig or practice, etc) It is for work like Booking, managing, graphic designing for marketing, all branding, administrative work, clients needs, etc) e.g. I just put in around 18 hrs last week for one gig that is still 9 months away. Pay seems to always create rifts in bands, so don't worry about how much they are paying us for the show, how much the other players are making, or how much I am making. I pay everyone the most I can after overhead, and travel expenses if we are on the road. If I tell you an amount you will get for a specific show and when you receive your pay and it's different without me giving prior notice that it will be different, please  

  • The band predominantly plays cover songs at the moment by artists such as Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, David Allen Coe, Jerry Jeff Walker, and Hank Jr.           Song List    Must be familiar with these artists and the genre (Outlaw Country)

  • We play pretty much every weekend of the year. From May to Oct every weekend plus quite a few Thursdays and a few other off days here and there.

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