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New original music on it's way

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Hey everyone, I'm excited to share that I'm currently writing my first solo album! My goal is to record at least a couple of the tracks in Nashville—and plan on capturing my entire musical journey on video. It's going to be an incredible adventure, and I can't wait to bring you all along for the ride! So far the songs I have written for this album express my journey of the last few years through grief, heartbreak, addiction, healing, determination, and self discovery. The dream of creating an album with the sound and style reminiscent of the 1970s and early 1980s outlaw country movement, coupled with the passion for touring and performing my original material, has been calling me relentlessly. I'm determined to bring this dream to life and take my music far and wide, and wont stop until I make it happen. However I can't do it alone; I need your support to turn this vision into reality. With your help and support we can bring authentic Montana made outlaw country to world. Keep an eye out for my crowdfunding campaign, where you can be part of this authentic musical adventure. There will be opportunities for your voice and opinions to be heard helping to shape this album. Let's share this wild adventure of creating an unforgettable original album together.


-Brandon Hale

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